lavender tea

I drink you in the way I do my

lavender tea, slow sips

of velvet on my tongue then somedays all at

once, swearing


vanilla lies lovingly between soft flower

petals, the sweet scent of lilac like sugar on the

whispers of my arteries, an intoxication of the

anatomy, and then


the liquid dances gently

down and my lips dream of sweetness like

illusions from another life but it is

bitter that has now made home of my

mouth, and


if sweetness were all it were, would the

need for more run out?


watching trains at midnight

does the world ever fall flat on its

face at the idea of a universe that is rushing straight into

it like a train running on the fuel of supernovas, lights

flashing from the death of galaxies, never swaying in

uncertainty and does it think to

itself that it has come a million

miles to here and


here we are,

here we are,

here we are,


here we go into unknown

terrain like explorers that do not

know the nature of the caves they are

in like frantically searching futile

beings whose fingers are trembling, legs are

shaking from the pressure of things we have not

seen yet and


here we go,

here we go,

here we go,


here we are again at the start of

everything, beginning of

nothing, poised on the tip of the

chairs on which we are

siting, waiting and yet never

patient and


here I am,

here I am,

here I am,


here I stand in the place I

never left but have never

been before and

won’t you come and






stay with me a little

longer, a little while