so carry my name across the ocean

There is so much

here, in the

space between

us, in the

space between

hands that crave

holding and mouths that

crave more than

the polite sentences they

are forced to

construct, and

there is so

much said

here, in the

space between

us, in the

words we can’t


the ocean will always love you

You were given breath by the ocean, given

life by the rocking of the

sea, but you parted long ago and let your

soles forget the sinking

of skin into sand

for the smooth concrete of a place

where they forget how to



and so you watch

from the transparent lens of the

window, pull your body up from the

weakened chair, and you let yourself glide –

onto the path you ran everyday when you were

five – and



as you pull the fabric from your stomach, you

worry if the time has made your legs

heavier, if you wear the years you’ve lived on

your body like scars,



but the ocean does not care how fast you

will wade through it, the

water does not notice the

new lines on your skin,


its waves just push

towards you,

welcoming you