to deconstruct definitions


the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again,


the process of making or becoming,


the process of becoming.


I dream in release

I dream in moonlit summer evenings,

in salted ocean on sweet skin,

in a body that sways and curves

like the earth I was born in,

I dream in vivid uncertainty,

knowing myself and yet not knowing,

life like sand beneath a barefoot goddess,

certain yet shifting,

but beautiful, always.

dia del padre

I remember the way it

felt when I had my first


I didn’t have the courage to

tell you that I loved another

woman and so I let mami

tell you instead.

I remember the way I

climbed into the car and

squirmed into the seat beside


I remember the way I

didn’t know what sounds would

drape the silence between


I remember the way you

held my hand.

I remember the way you

healed me then.

I remember all the times

you’ve healed me,


When I asked you to

drive with me forever,

forever meaning only hours,

and you did.

When I told you I

was crumbling and you

taught me to handle

the weight.

When you told me I could

call you, always.

When you loved me.

When you always loved me,

no matter what.

You have healed me,


You have always

healed me.