words of a fallen soldier

There is a complexity to fighting for the things that break you.

Knowing the reasons why you are

breaking and offering yourself

willingly –

not because you want to be

broken, or for some means of

self punishment but


because you believe enough in

yourself to know that you

will make it.


That maybe one

day the breaking will end and

you will have

never given up.

letter for the breaking point

the moment after

this one you will break

inside in ways you won’t

even notice, you

will build walls by

tearing your own

heart, you will shatter

yourself over and

over again, trying to

fix the parts of you

this moment will

have taken, you

will forget the

living and aim to

survive, but


the moment a

million moments after

this one, you will be

something built

from breaking, you

will be something

greater than

anything you

used to




this is your catharsis

somedays you 

will feel the

surge of every

pain that’s ever 

coursed through your

veins and every

piece of your own

heart you’ve ever

held, violently 

pulsing in your

hands, and

you will 

cry for the

shaking body on

the ground, and for

the girl who dared

to love out