pay no attention to that person behind the curtain

If the words feel like they were written for you – then they were.

My name is Guadalupe Koen-Alonso. 
21. Queer. Female.

Welcome to my soul.

My writing is meant to be raw – an expression of myself so naked and vulnerable that it truly bares to you who I am. It is not meant to be pretty or palatable, and sometimes it is not even meant to make any sense at all.

I write because I need to, because it saves me. What I feel, what I think, what I believe – it tumbles out of my fingertips and onto this screen. There is pain. There is love. There is confusion and passion and everything in between.

This is my journey. This is the human experience, as seen through my eyes.
Unedited. Unrefined.

So, welcome to my insanity.
Won’t you stay a little while?