what my little sister wrote

She has

long brown curls

like her hair is dancing,

twirling ever so softly

in circles,

while mine

hangs straight

like old curtains.


But I see her

try to brush

away their magic



She has

dark brown eyes

like melted chocolate,

so much sweeter

than my blue of

icy cold

winter oceans


But she tells me

dark eyes

look like the black holes

she sinks into



My sister

is beautiful.


But she grabs her skin

like it’s done something



3 thoughts on “what my little sister wrote

  1. We never really understand what is going on inside another. We can guess or assume but there is no way to know for sure because we don’t exist beyond their skin. It’s tough to see the beauty in someone who cannot see it through our eyes. Beautifully written!

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      1. No need to search for words, Oriana. My reward is in being able to share in your world through your poetry. That is thanks enough for me. As for understanding where you are coming from in this piece, you wrote it so vividly well that it was impossible not to see it.

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